Jean Blanc

As Simple as ABC

I remember the first time we booked a flight Bergerac_ryanair_1 to France to view properties, we decided that flying into Bergerac was the solution.

Flying to Bergerac , Just 45 minutes from our destination at Le Mas, would save us the 8-10 hour car journey plus overnight ferries and leaving home late in the evening for the 11.15 sailing from Portsmouth.

Not unacustomed to flying I wasn't sure how it would work but it turned out to be simplicity itself.

Leaving Wimble Cottage Donna & I drove to Southampton airport, check in took 20 minutes before bording. 1 hour and 5 minutes after take off we arrived in France.

The next bit I wasn't prepared for although it was a pleasant surprise.Visit_to_england_18th_jan_05_001  On exiting the aircraft we walked across the tarmac into the arrivals, well a tent actually. Ok not exactly a tent but a tempory marquee. Passport control was very basic and your friends (if being greeted the other end) would be waiting outside the door on your exit.

If it was raining tough, however there is a small bar and restaurant which doubles as the waiting area for departures too.Visit_to_england_18th_jan_05_002

We left the building after collecting luggage and turned out of the building where there are two portacabins which is where you collect the keys to your hire car.

We chose Avis whilst booking in the uk and duly drove away in a Peugot 206 for a cost of 107 ueros for one weeks hire.

Driving out of the car park, which is just a potholed track and grass area was just as simple. No busy one way streets or traffic systems just a sleepy road out and on too the quiet French roads.

In no time we were at Le Mas. The whole journey took 3.5 hours door to door.

It is no secret that these small airfields have opened up a quick and simple system for French property owners.

Ferries are fun but flying is both fun and fast. Take it from me, well worth it.

Visit Flybe or Avis for details of their service