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Counting down....

We are on the final push now to completion which is scheduled for the 15th February 2005.

Because we will be up to our necks in it for some considerable time we decided to take a short break in the UK to visit family and friends and celebrate Henry's birthday although its not till the 25th.

Bergerac_ryanairArriving Tuesday evening on a flight to Stanstead from Bergerac we embarked on an extremely busy and adventurous week staying with Donna's sister Kristy, Oli her husband and our kids cousin, William near Farnham. It was action packed and most enjoyable.

Wednesday started off badly as Fleur needed emergency dental treatment after tooth broke up so we spent the rest of the day doing chores.

Henry and Fleur were lucky enough to be invited to their old school, Binsted for the afternoon. Visit_to_england_18th_jan_05_009 They had a great time and even did lessons. Its great that they have so many friends and in some respects, although its only been 4 months or so it seems like they had never left.

We also took a trip with my Visit_to_england_18th_jan_05_042_1young nieces, Leah and Mollie, Kristy, Oli and Will plus all of us to West Wittering, building sand castles on the beech and crabbing at Roman Landings by the Estuary to Chichester harbour.Visit_to_england_18th_jan_05_062 Saturday morning we watched Henry's old football team Wey Valley play against Headley. Unfortunately, Wey Valley were trounced by the high flying Headley side but the highlight for us was a guest appearance by Henry for his old team. He is still registered with the FA but alas he was not able to help too much.

Visit_to_england_18th_jan_05_066 Then on to Longmoor training area  for Henry's annual birthday bash. Its a boy thing playing war games, picking up spent rifle bullets and looking for the parachutes from the schmooly flares. Longmoor was also the home for British Army Railway Training. It served to train soldiers in building and operating railways around the world when the British Empire was at its height.

Longmoor Camp was built by the troops returning from the Boar War and the railway initially built to move accommodation huts to Bordon when the ground at Longmoor was found to be too damp for the troops.