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February 2005

Clos d'Yvigne the story of Patricia Atkinson

I suppose it is all part of the lifestyle thing but after making the decision to move here to France you become aware or make yourself aware of others who for their own reasons have done the same.

Close to where we are living and closer to where we are moving to is a small vineyard called Clos d'Yvigne.

The owner Patricia Atkinson has an extraordinary tale of how it started. I contacted Patricia who has very kindly let me share her experience.

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Honorie de Berticot

Its obvious that one of the reasons to come to France is to sample the ambiance, conviviality the food and the wine.

It is difficult to convey in written form and is so subjective.

I will give a star rating

* Not to my liking

** Not bad but perhaps would overlook it next time

*** Enjoyed it and would certainly have another one

**** Very nice, one for the favourites

***** Top of the league

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The Eve has passed

The signing date has come and gone!

Disappointingly we have not signed today as scheduled.

Speaking to the agent this morning he didn't anticipate any problems but never returned this afternoon to explain why we were not going to sign today.

Hopefully tomorrow things will be clearer but I do not anticipate a long delay.

We spent the day doing chores to pass the time. Donna washing and ironing and me pressure washing patios and steps.

Fingers crossed it will be different  tomorrow.

On the eve

We are on the eve of the completion. It is still unclear if the last of the pieces are in place. Because nothing really moves in France on a Monday, we will not find out until the morning if its all systems go.

The money is in place, the geometrics have been signed off so its fingers crossed and watch this space.