Du Moulin
Villereal Market

The veg patch

Things went well today. We worked the soil down to a nice crumb and added some cow manure (one of the perks of buying a farm).

Tomorrow we will sow some of the seeds and put in the early potatoes.



Saturday 26th Feb

Another day spent on the 'allotment'. The weather once again was very springlike. It was sunny all day with the occassional cloud but very warm out of the breeze.

We contunied to work the soil down and add manure,

The garlic went in, some 250 individual cloves were planted od the softneck variety which potentially will yield 2000 cloves by seasons end.

We also sowed parsnips, leeks and onions. We also brought some potatoes from England which were grown in the fields behind our house for Smiths Crisps. I poached a few pockets full and they make excellent roasties. The ones which wer'nt eaten I have used as this years seeds.


Fingers crossed that we can get them off to a good start (I was a bit worried that they might be too early so I'll keep an eye o the frosts and make sure that they are heaped up to protect the tender shoots.