Set back
On the move

another day goes by

Its perplexing, tiring and upsetting that Henners has been set back.

Today he underwent further tests and an ultrasound. Nothing untoward or abnormal has been found.

Doctor Harper (he is English) does not understand the current situation so we have to wait. In the meantime, Henry will stay in hospital for the weekend at least.

He will increase his food intake also. Doctor Harper says that if he can keep his food down then all other indicators say he can come out.

To add to our current woes our car has decided to play up. Whilst Donna drove to Bordeaux yesterday the car started to run on half power and she only limped along at 45 miles an hour. This is quite painfull when you have 110 miles to do.

We bought a mercedes because of its known reliability!!

Mind you what do you expect from a 3 year old car:-)