Gable end
another day goes by

Set back

Unfortunately Henry's condition took a turn this evening. So frustratingly close to coming home but he has been sick most of the day.

It was decided by the doctors to X-ray at 9pm (CET) as they were not happy.

There is an infection which now needs to be treated with new drugs.

It has been a hard week and this has really knocked us for six. Donna is staying in Bordeaux this evening to be there for him in the morning. Henry is very down as his hopes have been dashed. We built it up a bit to try and focus the positives and set a goal for 'H'. Cruelly I feel we let him down and tonight he cannot be consoled.

I am sorry that we are not replying to all the emails and I hope that this can be accepted as an acknowledgement and thank you. I hope that after the weekend we will have better news.