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October 2005

Rabbit, rabbit!

We are soon to have a new addition to the family. Fleur's school at Born has a Mother rabbit which has just had babies and Fleur has volunteered us to take one of the offspring.

So today, it was forget the work on the property and set too and do some Daddy stuff in making a run. I knew that the 7.00 Euro chariot of offcuts would come in handy eventually.


We have also now found a use for all of the shavings that we have produced recently. The school will take them and we will need some for the new rabbit.


......or homemade?


That is our dilemma. I have so many jobs to do but I want to make the kitchen, the stairs, the windows and anything else in wood as well as the Fosse and finish the workshop but I only have nine and a half fingers (only joking) and not enough hours in the day.

Donna and I have been using the Ikea designer software to plan the kitchen but we feel it is money for old rope and we would prefer a traditional French look and feel. Donna is a little concerned that I am taking on too much and we must farm something out.

Watch this space for the finished product.


I have had a little accident!

Because we are making so much wood shavings preparing the wood I decided I would burn the pile. Expecting the shavings to just smoulder like leaves I lit the pile and retired to my workshop to continue.

Donna asks me why all the smoke and I replied, its not a problem just burning up the shavings. 'Over all the field' she murmured!

Oh dear, man the pumps, action stations.

Luckily it was easily containable and the wind was pointing away from the newly constructed workshop.