Fitting Airflex Insulation in tight spaces

Tips on plastering with Lutece 2000


Christmas is coming and the race is on to have the upstairs completely rendered and plastered using Lutece 2000.

The foundation coat of 5:1 sharp sand and cement (with lime) will secures the loose stone and provide a bonding or key coat for the Lutece to adhere to. Using the render also ensures that we do not use too much plaster. Sand and cement is cheap compared to the Lutece.


Saturday was spent plastering the ceiling and rendering over the rough stones and today and yesterday I plastered the back and one of the low side walls.


What a transformation now from when we aquired the house.


The above picture is the view looking from what will be the bedroom to the bathroom. The single wooden post supporting the ridge beam is now the left side of the bathroom door.