Tips on plastering with Lutece 2000


Last week was rather manic and extremely full on, so Sunday we decided to have a day off. We had an invite for lunch with our friends Guy and Michelle in St Marcory where we stayed last winter.

One of the joys of France is the very fine food and Sunday was no exception. Sangria (yes I know that's Spanish) for an aperitif with olives and cheese biscuits followed by Chestnut and Pumpkin soup with bread.

Then a little ritual (which name escapes me) where you pour a red table wine into the soup bowl and drink the contents after swilling it around. (the soup was so good I had to have seconds)

Fleur demonstrates with the wine in the soup bowl. ( a dry run of course)


Then Salmon, Chicory and grated Carrot followed by Beef stew with boiled Potatoes and Carrots with thick gravy washed down with a nice Bordeaux red.

Cheese followed this and afters was a a fantastic Walnut biscuit (like and oatmeal base you would have with cheesecake) and Creme Anglais. This was served with a glass of cider from Normandie.

You might think that this would be followed by a 2 hour snooze but we braved the cold but clear afternoon to watch a horse spectacular in Sarlat.