Calamity James

Getting Worse

Today the weather hits us like a ton of bricks. Yesterday we had half an inch of snow but this morning and incessantly through the day and into the evening we have had between 6 and 8 inches of the white stuff. Because of the widespread rurality of the landscape there are no gritters or ploughs so it makes getting about difficult and especially dangerous.


Henry and I struggled to Jean Blanc to feed the rabbit and cat in the Mercedes (just!) but while we carried out our chores the snow flurries became a blizzard. We set off back but only made about a quarter of a mile and we were forced to give up as we encountered the first incline and we slid down to the bottom. Getting back to Jean Blanc was hard and we had to abandon the car in our field as we could not get up the drive. We reverted to the ford van which I must admit found the conditions a breeze.

Note: I am writing this post from the warmth and comfort of the rented gite so this might become tomorrows post (if you know what I mean).

It is spectacular though!! How many times before we moved to France were we told it never snows in these parts and we have had snow for the last two winters and this time its as deep as anything I ever saw in England.