The roof - again!
Bien Progress

Never say never

Yesterday I posted that about our supposed bad luck with the roof because of the weather and the lack of bodies on site. I maligned M 'J' a bit thinking that perhaps he was drinking Pernod or something but no! I was completely wrong.

The weather started clear and frosty this morning but soon warmed up as the breeze turned from the south and a spring like feel. However, No M 'J'! Frustration ensued but, at 2pm after lunch he rolled up in his truck with a load stacked high of specially prepared and carved timber for the decorative part of the roof supports for the two low level extensions.

He obviously was not resting on his laurels and when he arrived he set about assembling one of the triangular frames to support the ridge.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer still and we expect M'J' bright and early and we might see some progress skyward.