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March 2006


Despite yesterdays rain M 'J' is making good progress. There is just one side of the tower roof needing to be completed. From the front the shape and form come to life now.



But we have a dilema. M 'J' has bought us a present. It is the topping off piece for the point of the pigeonnaire.

Trouble is which one to choose? Fleur holds them up, but which one would you choose?


House Martins

I knew we had to be vigilant but unfortunately we were caught out today. A lone House Martin flew in through the front door and around the snug and kitchen looking for its historical nesting site.

Mat and I managed to get it out but I suspect when the masses arrive we will come under constant attack until they get the message. Several hit the windows late evening as well so we hope there are not too many injuries.


Kitchen Floor

It is going to be a tricky using the kitchen and trying to lay the quarry tiles on the floor but it has to be done. I feel, considering the amount of cutting we had to do the progress was very good. Just under a third completed (7.5m squared)




House Martins

Whilst walking Hector last week I saw a solitary House Martin fly low across our field. There were no others and I have not seen any since. I assume it is some kind of advanced recce checking out the nesting sites.

This year is going to be different. They cannot nest in the house anymore so I will watch closely to see what happens.


I expect to see and hear the House Martins in their droves any day now, especially as the weather has turned springlike.


The Genoise are now complete around the top of the walls and next the tiles go on. We expect that this week or at the very latest the beginning of next to see M 'J' move on out and the roofing to finished.


The scale and dimensions of the Pigeonniare is breathtaking and really is the crowning glory of this once simple peasants house.

Just a reminder of how we started and what it looks like now.



Lord Lindley

I am not, but I am quietly pleased with my first stumbling steps at making furniture. It has always been an ambition and now Ihave the oportunity of putting that ambition into practice.

This lamp table took much less than a day (although I cut the rear legs twice as I morticed the outside rather than the inside, Doh!)


Yes I know its green but thats the only colour we have! I intend to paint a second deeper colour over the top and then rub it back to bare wood again in places to give that three dimensional and slightly worn look (as seen in all good Brocante's)

Whilst preparing the softwood timber it came home to me how important it is to treat any wood in the house as part of the renovation process. Whilst ripping down this piece of softwood with the band saw I cut through some large insect bore holes and inside was what is apparently the House Longhorn Beetle.


We have sprayed all of the exposed wood with Xlophene before attaching any of the finishings like plasterboard or Volige etc.

Looking at the above photo of the monster that lurks within a very good shout I think!

Adventures in Aude 1

Martin  and Danielle Griffn have become friends of the Voices and regularly pop into Perigord Vacance and show their support. They are one of many families that share the French passion.

I have invited Martin & Dan to write about some of their experiences here.

It's always difficult to tell when an ambition starts, when a yen gets to you, when a passion first blossoms, but in late 2001 and early 2002 my wife Danielle and I started to realise a dream.

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