Through the square window

Vegetable Patch

Now the weather is getting better with the birds in full cry and the fields perking up and breaking into life the attention has turned to the Veg patch. Last year was a raging success and we are still eating some of the Garlic, Onion, Potatoes and Leeks. In the freezer we have a little of the Tomato puree and the Tomato and Courgette chutney.

Before coming to France, although I grew veg very successfully in Oakhanger I had never grown Asparagus. Its not a crop for the impatient as all the books will tell you and last year we just had to watch as a few spindly shoots appeared and matured. It will be possible to harvest some of the spears this second year mainly to stimulate new growth but it is essential that most of the energy is re-used by the roots. The third and successive years is when they will come into their own.

I rowed the line up a month or so back and added manure and didn't give them a lot of thought until yesterday.

Wow what a surprise! Better than could be imagined for sure. Really strong and healthy spears with new ones on nearly all plants breaking their sleepy heads from the winter slumber above the cracking soil.


The spears here are about 10 inches tall and as thick as a hammer handle.

Cabbages were not that successful really. I think we planted them a bit too late to reap rewards during the winter but there are a few that we might just be able harvest before the food season turns to salads etc.


Even so, architecturally they are worth having just for their form and colour.

The Poplar cuttings went well although they still remain in the ground and we have not transplanted them yet. I decided to strike another 30 or so cuttings just in case.

Henners took the cuttings and plants them. All you have to do is wait and by summers end they will be romping away.