Gite near Monflanquin
Another year passes, a .......

Deja Vu

It had to happen, or at least as far as I was concerned!

The second Fosse Septic which is a 4000 litre tank situated behind the main house needed to have a filtration/drainage bed attached. It has been on a priority list for a while so we decided it was a perfect job, not too physical that we could do to end the week before the easter break (Good Friday not a holiday here).


So, digger fuelled up and trenching bucket secured, Mat and I dug out 90 metres of trench, removing the spoil to level along the drive. Next, we infilled the first layer of 20mm gravel to support  the pipe  and then laid and connected the black plastic perforated pipe.


Everything went very well, the weather was excellent. The warmest of the year so far I think, the soil was an easy dig and the water content exactly right so that it wasn't boggy nor too dry.

The last bit of trench was across the track which we planned to concrete the last 200mm of depth  so that the pipe could not be damaged by vehicles passing over it. The digging was still easy once I was through the crusty layer of stone that formed the surface and under that was soft.

Then disaster! Very aware of the telephone cable, its depth and its route (but not its exact location) I carefully scraped into the soil being particular not to repeat the debacle of the time we aere connected originally.

Your guessing the outcome arn't you?

Yep, snap! straight through it. I could not hide my frustration and let out a double expleative to which I heard Fleur, who was paddling in a blow up boat in the meadow, rebuke me for my outburst.


Time for tea I think!

I felt such a wally encore!. Luckily the electrician was here so I scrounged a water proof junction box and elecrical block connector and fixed the break. The box was then filled with a waterproofing silicon and then closed to waterproof the connection.


It rounded off badly what was a promising and productive day. Anyway, we completed the pipework and today we will concrete over the pipe and fill in the trenches.