A close shave
Perigord Vacance version Francaise

Clos d'Yvigne

We have had an amazing 17,845 hits on our website now since we moved over to the Google Typepad.

A fantastic marketing tool for advertising your business.  Our site has enabled us to maintain coverage and exposure to what we are doing here. We know from the feedback that there are lots of people who are planning or even in the process of doing what we have done and many of the hits we get are a direct result of their on line searches.

For instance, do a Google using the word airflex insulation and we nearly always come within the top 10 results.

Why the title of this post as clos d'yvigne you ask? Well we covered the story of Patricia Atkinson and her amazing story on Perigordvacance and significantly we get a huge number of people worldwide who visit our site as a direct result of searching using that criteria.