Swimming Pool


As narrator of this blog I admit I do tend to paint a 'me, me' atmosphere.

I certainly don't intend to do so so this time I have to pay tribute to Donna. These last two days she has felt dreadful with a swollen throat and generally under the weather. A layman might conclude that she is run down as we have worked solidly for more than 6 months.Clean_gite

In the last two days, she has had to tidy up after the electrician, sweep the whole place out, clean the floors and oil the floors upstairs.

The biggest job was to cut in the walls and doors etc with a brush and paint all of the walls. Today she completed the painting and then washed with a mild acid solution the tiles downstairs.

The whole place is now looking like a home and this coming week apart from assembling the furnishings we need the window in the piggeonaire to replace the plastic and the main focal point the front door.

6 Days and counting...........