Phew what a scorcher!
The big day

Nearly there

Please excuse the lack of updates.

We are one full day and a most of Thursday away from our first guests. Progress is good and we are still on track and we are now on the really small finishing touches.Dishwasher

Donna is starting to wheel in the furniture, kitchen implements and accessories and curtains whilst I make the final fittings to the structure. New_front_door

I have just completed the front door. I wanted (and will still do so) to make a new one in hardwood with a frame. However, due to time constraints I have opted for an intermediate solution and re-produced the original door in softwood.

The tidy up has also started but the temperature hit 39 degrees today and its almost impossible to work between 12-4pm. Hence the late finish tonight.

Mind you the sunflowers are at their peak and the sun brings out their character.Sunflowers