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St Foy La Grande, a nice day out

St_foy_le_grandI think we have the best of both worlds.

This week we have our very first let and our guests are long term friends. We have used it as an opportunity to have a complete break ourselves. Plenty of eating and some wine tasting too and of course generally relaxing.

A visit to St Foy la Grande yesterday was extremely pleasant and a meal in one of the arcades made for a very peaceful day.

The whole town is strewn with colourful decorations for what seemed like a whole summer of fetés and activities.

France really does come to life in the summer. This Thursday we are all going into Monflanquin for the evening. Lots of food stalls are set up around the square with lines of tables in the middle. You select your food from one or more stall and eat with everyone else in the open air.

The non drivers can wash the food down with copious amounts of wine. All in all a very friendly fete to enjoy.