Swimming Pool

The Rainbow

I think we all have a rainbow, its just some have not appeared yet!

I remember, back in 1990 whilst working at Fishers Cottage, Chiddingfold for Carrie Zetter, I was caught in the most amazing downpour. At the same time the sun shone so brightly and in the foreground, just 20 metres or so away appeared this most brilliant rainbow.

I am not exaggerating but where the rainbow touched the ground I built the famous 'Walled Garden' (Oh to have blogs back then when computers were mainly for the wealthy and certainly internet access was non existent.).

OK the treasure wasn't golden but in its own way that Wall Garden was rich in experience and it put me on the map. At the time he recession was deep and hard yet my little enterprise was flourishing, especially as Carrie, who was a wonderfully generous lady kept throwing work at us.  It was all I could do to keep up , it was exhausting and I was only 26 but felt like 46.

What has this got to do with rainbows you ask? Well I guess lifes rainbow is never ending and that rainbow, whilst only in the minds eye is still piercing through lifes heavy showers even now.

When we left England that long rainbow stretched far across the channel to here in South West France. For us it landed next to a tiny Hamlet at Piis some 6 kilometres from Monflanquin.

I am sure that many people, whilst wishing us well kept the 'what the hell are they doing' thoughts to themselves and it is fair to say during this journey we have felt that more than once.

The plan on paper was so simple. Move to France, buy a ruin, live off the land and be happy. The reality! Hard work, much stress (different stress though) and at the moment little time.

Today we are less than one week from the fruition of phase one. The opening of our lovely Pigeonaire.

Its been an amazing journey and such an experience and one all of us feel has enriched our lives.