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Back to School

Fleur_starts_montaut_001 The summer has flown for us here. It seems 5 minutes ago that the schools broke up with Henry and Fleur relaxing into their off duty roles.

But for Fleur that holiday came to an end today and it is the first day at Montaut, the school Henry has just left. She could not wait and was up at 7.00am getting dressed and fed ready for the bus at 7.50am.

Such a difference I seem to remember when I attended Blackmoor School in Whitehill.  I used to dread the end of the holidays.

Although Fleur will have Wednesday's off she still has a long day and overall does more hours of work while at school than she would have done in England.  She will not return until 5.15pm.

One thing that we found interesting this morning when the bus arrived was the attendance

of the communes Mayor M Ortyl. Fleur_starts_montaut_014

Henry by contrast has another week and is currently in England with his best friends Glenn. Every year Glenn and his family go to Polruan in Cornwall and for the last three Henners has gone with them. We talk to him every day and he seems to be having a real adventure. Glenn's Dad. Julian has bought a new boat and this year everyone has spent a lot of time out in the sea.

I just hope Henners wants to come home! Next Monday 'H' starts life at Collége de Monflanquin which he is looking forward to although a little nervous. They are growing up as we are growing old!

When your young its drummed into you that life is short and will get faster as you get older but it is true! I cant quite believe that this will be our third Christmas here!!