The lull before the storm

Champignon Season

.............est arrivé

Mushrooms_001The recent brief shower seemed enough to start the ball rolling and this morning I accompanied M Bertrand and his friends foraging for mushrooms. The place to look is at the base of a Poplar tree and especially if there is some dead wood so an older tree is best. Look for the darkest moist areas. Ours are growing along the stream so the humidity is great.

The basket was overflowing when we had finished and from what he was saying we can enjoy them for another month or more. Hmmmm!

You prepare your mushrooms by dunking them into boiling water for one second. This apparently is to reduce the power of the flavour a little and it brings out a horrible black juice. Then fried in a little oil with garlic and onion and eaten on their own for lunch with a glass of your favourite wine. We had a slice of toast with ours and delicious it was too.Mushrooms_003

Mushrooms_002_1Of course they can accompany other dishes too but I think for lunch I will have them on their own and post my results later. Mushrooms_006