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The sunshines........

Direction Departementale de l'Equipment

It looks like the Permis de Construire is going to be delayed slightly because our Architect forgot a document relating to the Fosse Septique. Donna has today dropped this off at the Architects office so that we can get everything sorted out for commencing in the Autumn. The planning department has promised to make the decision before the 16th September should all the paperwork be in order.

After that I will have to stock up on  materials such as Airflex Insulation and  Lutece 2000 etc.

The first job will be to concrete the floor and re-inforce it for building the internal walls etc.

At the moment I am shelving in the kitchen and trying not to disturb our guests in the process. It's not easy either as the temperature is rising up and it now looks like it will be 29 degrees before the weekend.