Nice time of year
Journées Médiévales

Living and Working in France

The holiday continues a bit and whilst our last guests were here we decided to do a few things ourselves.

One of those was a visit to Monpazier for the weekly Thursday market. The weather was really pleasant and not too hot but we didn't count on what we found. Unlike our normal visits (although we haven't been for ages)when the market was confined to the square it was amazing to find the whole Bastide was given up to Market stalls.

The buzz  was fantastic as holiday makers and locals alike circulated. Wine and cheese tasting from local producers. Leather goods, herbs and spices and of course as you would expect lots of food products.

One of the stalls was for English books. Not a particularly cheap way to buy but it didn't stop the ex pats flocking to it and I browsed myself.

In the middle of the table, seemingly propped up with pride of place was a book called Living and Working in France by David Hampshire. A great read for anyone planning the 'big move'

Three people bought the book while I viewed the wares and interestingly one of those that bought was German? Strange!