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August 2006

Marché Nocturne, Monflanquin

March_nocturne_001Every Thursday evening in the square in Monflanquin there is a Marché Nocturne. Basically its a place where local food and wine producers bring their products and set up stalls around the edge and you just tour them and buy your evening meal.

From Confit to Foi Gras and Pizza and chips with local red, white or rose wine to wash it down.

The atmosphere is very convivial with some kind of music (usually live) in the background.

Well worth a visit but it is not confined to Monflanquin. Most small towns set a side an evening for the same.


I am about to publish the tariff for the 2007 season but first it would greatly interest me to learn what is the best day to do a changeover.

It doesn't matter if you intend to holiday with us or not but your views on the best day would be welcome. We are now of the view that convention has changed and with the flexibility in employment people are not compelled to stick to finishing work on a Friday for the Saturday dash. Especially as flights and ferries are cheaper on weekdays.

The poll is located down the left side of the site.

Many Thanks


France winter Lets

Pigeonnaire_0012222_4 I am sure, that like us there are very many people who will be coming to France this winter to try and find a property to buy? Some will be looking for a holiday home for themselves or perhaps a Gite to rent out and others a permanent home.

The hardest thing of all is finding a base. Somewhere located conveniently withing the region you are aiming to buy in. We found the hardest bit of all was knowledge!

I cant tell you how many times Donna and I said to each other, if only we knew that when we arrived!

I'll get to my point! If you are looking for a base in the winter. Be it a weekend, a week a month or even longer then we can not only accommodate you we may be able to help a bit. Having gone through the experience Donna and I can maybe share some of it over a glass of wine. As well as getting things right you want to avoid getting them wrong and I am afraid getting them wrong usually happens first!

If you are interested in a long term let in France this winter or early spring then call us on 00 33 (0)553 01 26 14 or email us at Perigord Vacance and we would only be too happy to help.

Just think, renting from us for a brief stay might help you save hundreds of pounds in other fees from others in search of that elusive knowledge.


Miel_at_night_002 Miel is getting bold.

Our guests invited us for a drink and something to eat on their terrace this evening. While we sat chatting I noticed something move down by the pool. I was very happy to see it was Miel (and so was Hector)

Miel disappeared when chased by H but came back 15 minutes later. Fingers crossed. We hope to find a way to capture him before the winter and save him from the many other hazards. We think he's been through enough.

This photo is a bit dark but if you click on it will open in a new window. Those with pop up blocker, hold down CTRL while clicking.


We have a warm glow about us. We have just received a cheque from the society for our grain which was harvested about a 6 weeks ago. It represents the first real income from the land and especially as we had to pay for the preparation, sowing and fertiliser last autumn.

The Sunflowers will be harvested in about 4 weeks so a bit more revenue to come.

Truffle Bonanza

Truffle Could we start to see a mass exit from France and a rush to UK shores? Its been a bumper year for Truffles so far and looks like its going to continue.

Guardian 31st Aug 06

"They are one of the world's least promising-looking delicacies, sniffed out by pigs in rural corners of Europe, sold for thousands of pounds a kilo and prized above almost every other foodstuff by gourmands. They are also - in their more humble, native form - lurking in record numbers in British woodlands."

Continue reading Truffle Bonanza


Miel_003 This has become a tale of survival on an epic scale for Miel. Having been diagnosed with myxomatosis and then staging a dramatic night time escape he seems to continue to defy the odds. I was looking down the track yesterday and I noticed him walk out of the sunflowers and start eating the grass. He let me get close enough to take this photo but he was having none of the chance of re capture and ran back into the sanctuary of the sunflowers.

But the extraordinary thing is the recovery. At one pint Miel was covered with sores and lumps and the eyes were closing up but he has survived now for a long time. This picture is not brilliantly clear but you can see the eyes are wide open.

Horse Riding

Cantenerly_minnie Located 10 minutes from Jean Blanc and a similar distance and time from Monflanquin is Cantenerle a family run Livery and riding school.

They have 10 horses available catering for all levels. Every Sunday Helen the owner runs Pony Club but you can also book by appointment at any time (subject to availability) during weekdays while you are on holiday.

Cantenerly_hoof Tonight the girls who attend Pony club are riding all day with a campfire BBQ and camping through the night with a show at 4pm tomorrow for the parents. Fleur has been so excited this week and got up early this morning in anticipation.

Call Helen direct on 00 33 (0)553 365296

Journées Médiévales

Mediaeval2 I unfortunately made a mistake when we recently attended the Médiévale festival in Monflanquin because whilst I plugged the faithful camera into the charger I didn't plug the charger into the wall and I therefore could not capture the fantastic event. Luckily James had his camera so thanks to him I can attache this piccy.

All the paticipants were dressed in authentic clothing. The whole of Monflanquin was jammed packed with visitors and I can now get a feel for why it is so popular.

Unfortunately, the heavens opened and spoilt the end of the last day and the arcades became packed with people.