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August 2006

Living and Working in France

The holiday continues a bit and whilst our last guests were here we decided to do a few things ourselves.

One of those was a visit to Monpazier for the weekly Thursday market. The weather was really pleasant and not too hot but we didn't count on what we found. Unlike our normal visits (although we haven't been for ages)when the market was confined to the square it was amazing to find the whole Bastide was given up to Market stalls.

The buzz  was fantastic as holiday makers and locals alike circulated. Wine and cheese tasting from local producers. Leather goods, herbs and spices and of course as you would expect lots of food products.

One of the stalls was for English books. Not a particularly cheap way to buy but it didn't stop the ex pats flocking to it and I browsed myself.

In the middle of the table, seemingly propped up with pride of place was a book called Living and Working in France by David Hampshire. A great read for anyone planning the 'big move'

Three people bought the book while I viewed the wares and interestingly one of those that bought was German? Strange!

Nice time of year

Heads_bowed_002_1 The clouds are missing from the milky blue morning sky and the dew swims between the parched grass seemingly looking to revive the sun dried weary blades. There is a briskness to the still air but its not cold.

The serials have been harvested and the once turgid green land has given way to a beige blanket over the fields. The trees have taken on a burnt edge to the leaves and some are jettisoned as it struggles to support their burgeoning frames.

The Sunflowers stand motionless and blind now, waiting patiently to meet their end. To me they conjure up an image of the fallen men on the Somme. Once standing full of life facing the sunrise of their future but now, lifeless head bowed, their years cut short heading for the last sunset.


I have pleasure in saying there were no ill effects and we must have picked the right one's.

I have got to say the mushrooms were absolutely delicious! We have guests arriving later today so I can wait to pick a basket of them for them to try.

Champignon Season

.............est arrivé

Mushrooms_001The recent brief shower seemed enough to start the ball rolling and this morning I accompanied M Bertrand and his friends foraging for mushrooms. The place to look is at the base of a Poplar tree and especially if there is some dead wood so an older tree is best. Look for the darkest moist areas. Ours are growing along the stream so the humidity is great.

The basket was overflowing when we had finished and from what he was saying we can enjoy them for another month or more. Hmmmm!

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The lull before the storm

Carte_france I have got to admit to being in a holiday mode myself and only working on half power construction wise since our last guests left. Although maybe if I really count the little jobs, like build a set of terrace step, point in the wall, hang pictures and other little mundane chores I suppose its not all been idle lounging around. Next monday we see the start of a busy 6 weeks.

Of course researching and writing for my new blog is time consuming as well which brings me onto my point.

We have now been successful in booking out 7 weeks here on the Pigeonnaire and considering we only completed on the 20th July, half way through the season that is pretty good going. I don't want to appear smug but that is more than a lot of established gites have done and judging by the traffic through the site the interest is still keen.

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It seems likely that the recent security alerts will see a blip in people using the Eurostar to cross the channel and the ferry companies should enjoy some extra passengers too.

Whilst there is no suggestion that air travel is unsafe the psychological effect will I am sure mean more people will travel on Eurotunnel.

Could it be that France will also feature high on travellers holiday destinations once again?

Time will only tell but I would be interested in seeing some statistics for before and after any security alert.

UK Flights

British_airways Henry's best mate Glenn has been here for 16 days and flew out with British Airways as an unaccompanied minor. Donna picked him up from Toulouse and today we had to take him back but it was not that easy.

Unfortunately this morning was when the UK terror alert broke in the UK so it has had  an effect on air travel and France is no different.

Media_object_image_thumbnail_124x124_belWe were lucky in only having a 2 hour delay but it looks like restrictions on hand luggage that have been imposed will continue to delay passengers. Easy jet, Flybe and Ryanair have been cancelling flights.

Check details and as our experiences showed today the advice changed almost hourly and that included the British Airways site.

One of the consolations of the day was seeing the Airbus Beluga transporter which was static a cross the runway but as we left the Airbus passenger plane took off and what a majestic sight!.

Looking for extra revenue?

Mini_linksDo you run a stall at a fundraising event in France? Are you looking to make some extra money to help finance some improvements to your Village?

Mini_links_golfWell you can do worse than invest in a Minilinks putting green.

Easy to transport and assemble this mini green can help generate those funds and create fun at the same time.

However, its not limited to fund raising, install one in the games area of your gite or for you own personal or family use.

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