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UK Flights

British_airways Henry's best mate Glenn has been here for 16 days and flew out with British Airways as an unaccompanied minor. Donna picked him up from Toulouse and today we had to take him back but it was not that easy.

Unfortunately this morning was when the UK terror alert broke in the UK so it has had  an effect on air travel and France is no different.

Media_object_image_thumbnail_124x124_belWe were lucky in only having a 2 hour delay but it looks like restrictions on hand luggage that have been imposed will continue to delay passengers. Easy jet, Flybe and Ryanair have been cancelling flights.

Check details and as our experiences showed today the advice changed almost hourly and that included the British Airways site.

One of the consolations of the day was seeing the Airbus Beluga transporter which was static a cross the runway but as we left the Airbus passenger plane took off and what a majestic sight!.