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September 2006

Juggling balls

Bedrooms_002 There has not been too much time for writing these last few days.

Since I undertook the task of helping to lick Les Mirandes into shape for the grand re-opening in October it has taken up a fair bit of my week. Couple this with the other tasks like maintaining our grounds, making new shutters and helping Matt with a little project the hours are whizzing by.

We are also noticing the days starting to draw in so autumn is just around the corner too, although I am energised by this time of year the hours of daylight are much reduced and working outside gets more condensed.

Soon we will have plenty to do on the building front and we are starting to make plans on the order in which to tackle the bedrooms.

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Villeneuve sur Lot Golf and Country Club

Les_mirandes_122224 I sneaked over to Villeneuve sur Lot Golf and Country Club on the way to Villeneuve this morning and took a snap of the damage to the clubhouse after the recent fire. As you can see a few charred  roofing timbers are still visible but the rest of the building was gutted.

I didn't think I could walk round the front so took it from the bank on the road.

Don't worry if you are planning a trip to play. I can assure you that the greens are immaculate and the course is in fine condition.

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Meet the French

Meet_the_french Perigord Vacance is now advertising on the Meet the French website.

A fairly new website for holiday makers looking to find Gites accommodation in France.

Ironically I found the site whilst checking out Google advertising on our own site.

A point of interest, I have noticed a lot of traffic being sent to our site by viewers who have been searching for details concerning Eymet.

It seems there may well be a few planning trips or moves there. The key search criteria seems to be 'winter lets, Eymet' secondary schools, Eymet' 'Computer shop, Eymet' and the last one was Gite, Eymet centre.

Eymet certainly is a very picturesque town and also what seems to make it so popular is it is a very short drive from Bergerac airport.

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Site design

I've been meddling again haven't I?

Sorry, whenever I checked into Perigord Vacance I seem to get distracted from writing about things people want to know, like cheap flights to France, Ferry crossings with Brittany Ferries or local wine etc.

I got to tampering with the colours because I thought that the orange was a bit depressing. It was supposed to represent strong warm sunshine and cheerful summer days but I found it a bit oppressive.

I have added a few brighter colours and I would love to know what you think?

Ebay Auction

Unfortunately, the holiday on Ebay did not sell but I am not disturbed by this. I have learnt some lessons about marketing and I will continue to explore ways of keeping Perigord Vacance fresh and continue to consider different ways of selling holidays here in the Pigeonnaire.

Counting Down

Your_accomodation_030 Less than half a day now to the end of the second Perigord Vacance auction.

The weather is absolutely glorious here with temperatures expected today of 28-30 degrees. October can remain in the high 20's so if you are looking for that late break then its worth a punt.

At present anyone making a bid will pay just £100. The last auction produced 6 bids with the eventual winner from Edinburgh saying afterwards that they would have been prepared to pay over three times what it went for.

Try your luck, it could be the best £100 holiday you have ever had.

Click here to go to the auction.

(note:accommodation only, self catering. Travel not included)

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Perigord Vacance in China

Airflex_china Whilst writing this I have a vision of Dell Boy winding Rodney up after he decides to split the partnership up and go it alone with Mickey Pearce.

Rodney entrusts his cut from Dell to Mickey as he is now Financial Director. Problem is Mickey swans off the Benidorm with Rodder's loot.

Then Dell say's to Rodney I have got to admire you Rodder's. You have been on your own for 5 minutes but already you have opened up a Spanish Branch'

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Oyster Crisis in France

A couple of weekends ago we went en famille to Le Mas St Marcory for lunch with Roger and Judi Meadows.

On the menu for starters were Oysters - sounds extravagant but they are real cheap in France - and lovely they were too.

However there is, for the third year running, a looming crisis for the Oyster Farmers in the Arcachon Basin.   It stems from the evidence of an un-identified toxin found in the water where the Oysters grow. Now, the French government have slapped a ban on the Oyster Farmers after the death of two elderly women who had eaten Oysters. It is the third ban in 18 months and anger has grown so much the government has been forced to send in an expert to advise on the matter.

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Good news! The little devil Miel is still alive and actually now living proof that rabbits can survive Myxomatosis. M Bertrand came up today to discuss the Sunflowers and what we wanted planting next. During the conversation he said that our rabbit was living in his wood pile.

Amazing stuff because it is not the first time that Miel has visited. Because M Bertrand keeps rabbits for food I am certain that Miel (once thought to be a female but now known to be a male) smelled or sensed that female rabbits were in season and travelled the 300 metres in search of a mate.

We are discussing a rescue attempt but I feel it will not be easy!

I know I use this phrase a lot but 'watch this space!'