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Meet the French

Meet_the_french Perigord Vacance is now advertising on the Meet the French website.

A fairly new website for holiday makers looking to find Gites accommodation in France.

Ironically I found the site whilst checking out Google advertising on our own site.

A point of interest, I have noticed a lot of traffic being sent to our site by viewers who have been searching for details concerning Eymet.

It seems there may well be a few planning trips or moves there. The key search criteria seems to be 'winter lets, Eymet' secondary schools, Eymet' 'Computer shop, Eymet' and the last one was Gite, Eymet centre.

Eymet certainly is a very picturesque town and also what seems to make it so popular is it is a very short drive from Bergerac airport.

I now need to make a decision as to advertising. We have now had over 24 thousand unique visitors to Perigord Vacance and it is hoped to convert some of these into sales.

However, should we utilise another full time advertising source such as Chez Nous, French Connections or Holiday Rentals?