Perigord Vacance in China

Oyster Crisis in France

A couple of weekends ago we went en famille to Le Mas St Marcory for lunch with Roger and Judi Meadows.

On the menu for starters were Oysters - sounds extravagant but they are real cheap in France - and lovely they were too.

However there is, for the third year running, a looming crisis for the Oyster Farmers in the Arcachon Basin.   It stems from the evidence of an un-identified toxin found in the water where the Oysters grow. Now, the French government have slapped a ban on the Oyster Farmers after the death of two elderly women who had eaten Oysters. It is the third ban in 18 months and anger has grown so much the government has been forced to send in an expert to advise on the matter.

It has brought the  already under pressure farmers to breaking point and many feel the industry in Arcachon may never recover. Protests have been planned and Farmers want action quickly as they are just days away from the start of the season.

Oyster Farmers all over France are watching with interest because the Arcachon Basin is also the nursery bed for oysters which are distributed all over France.