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September 2006

Permis De Construire

Almost a year to the day we have received the planning permission (Permis De Construire) for the second Gite and the children's bedroom and second bathroom. It will be nice knowing we can commence without having to look over the shoulder.

The holiday will soon be over and the graft starts again! Watch this pace for developments.

Villeneuve sur Lot Golf and Country Club

If you have visited Perigord Vacance recently with a view to exploring  holiday in France you may well have clicked on the local activities links down the left hand side. Each picture represents an activity or attraction that is close to us at Jean Blanc. Once clicked you will be taken to the official site where you can check out the details.

One link that has now become redundant is Villeneuve sur Lot Golf and Country Club. Two weeks ago the entire club house was destroyed by fire in suspicious circumstances and the police are treating it as arson.

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Space Shuttle

121827main_shuttle_angled2_1 Living in rural France gives you the opportunity to star gaze without the glare of any neon lights.

I have said before that we have sat with our guests through this summer watching satellites pass overhead.

It is kind of eerie in a way knowing that these objects* are so high above the earth in orbit and have been sent there by man.

I have watched Mir, The Shuttle and the Space Station before as it passed over our house in Southern England but I have yet to watch it pass over here in France. Shuttle

* There are estimated to be over 1 million objects of space debris orbiting the earth of which 9,000 can be seen from earth with the naked eye.

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Mini Digger

Digger_091Back in July when the first guests arrived we kind of physically and mentally put the big equipment away so that our guests and ourselves could enjoy the summer.

About four to six weeks ago or so,  I needed to level off a piece of ground with the Mini Pel (I think its a Kubota but now owned made by Volvo).

an use it.

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Holiday in Early October

Logoebay_150x70_2 Thinking of an autumn break in France.

There is a chance to pick one up on Ebay

Experience the Lot et Garonne at its finest.

30th September 2006 - 7th October 2006

Holiday for up to 4 people How would you like to spend 1 week in the serene surroundings of the Lot et Garonne.

Experience a week in the pigeonnaire, a recently converted and restored cottage on a private estate near Monflanquin in South West France. Set in 20 acres of unspoilt French Countryside you will be at one with nature in this peaceful environment..

Enjoying total privacy from all neighbours and exclusive use of the purpose built infinity style pool..

On arrival you will be met by your hosts and treated to an aperitif before dinner..

After you have refreshed from your journey you will sit down to a 5 course authentic French Meal with wine and coffee after and maybe a digestif.

Then the week is all yours to relax, swim, sightseeing or just chill..

The offer does not include travel and is self catering accommodation only (unless stated otherwise).

Towels,linen are provided.

Please check with us for details before making your booking as refunds will not be possible.

Moving to France

George_white_001 If like us, when the decision was made to move to France, you need to find a haulage contractor to move your house contents, then you are probably scratching your head right now.

Personally, we opted to hire two 7.5 tonne trucks and with the help of David, Clive and James I moved everything over a 4 day period and it cost us somewhere in the region of £2,500. Estimates from removal companies differed from £4,500 to over £6,000 which is a fair wack.

There is an alternative which we did not know about back then and thats hiring a direct haulier to do this work for you. You can pay for the whole lorry and use up all the space or you can pay for a space on the lorry per linear metre, which, if you wanted to bring a small item of furniture down can be cost effective.

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Ebay Auction

Logoebay_150x70_1 It appears from the enquiries concerning the Ebay Auction that there is some confusion about when the holiday is for.

The successful bidder can take the weeks holiday anytime in May 2007.

I am sorry this isn't clear and I will make sure, should we choose this route again I will make details more understandable.

La Chasse

Deer_1  Maybe it is just a coincidence, maybe not but the hunting season got under way last weekend and I seem to be seeing more deer and Hare than I have seen all summer.

Shooting and hunting is not allowed until September and then syndicates, which to be fair are strictly controlled, scour the countryside for their quarry from rabbits and pigeons through to hare, deer and boar.

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Land of the rising sun

Les_mirandes_001222 I was up before dawn this morning, come to think of it I was up before Donna too!

After accepting the challenge of helping to get the greens at Les Mirandes golf club up and running I have had little time for anything else.

I arrived in the darkness this morning and set the sprinklers up on three greens. The sky was blood red just before the sun came up and amazing it was too.

Then I set about cutting the bottom nine greens with the Ransomes greens mower. The grass was so long, even after cutting them the previous 2 days as well, I had to clean off the cuttings with a trailed sweeper.

I polished off the morning by cutting three fairways with the kubota tractor.