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Perigord Vacance in China

Airflex_china Whilst writing this I have a vision of Dell Boy winding Rodney up after he decides to split the partnership up and go it alone with Mickey Pearce.

Rodney entrusts his cut from Dell to Mickey as he is now Financial Director. Problem is Mickey swans off the Benidorm with Rodder's loot.

Then Dell say's to Rodney I have got to admire you Rodder's. You have been on your own for 5 minutes but already you have opened up a Spanish Branch'

I look at our stats more or less daily to see how readers find our site.

Funny enough, airflex insulation is one of the top search subjects but I am flabbergasted to see that we had a hit from Beijing, China after a Google search.

Google had a lot of trouble with China and have been accused of giving in to the communist state by removing anything from the search results that may be deemed offensive to the government or politically unsuitable for anyone in the tightly run state.

It would be an absolute coup if indeed we were to get a booking from these far reaches of the globe. Perhaps we ought to open up a Chinese office!

Click on the image to see what result the searcher came upon. You will see that Perigord Vacance came in the top two results.