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This French Life

This_french_life I have documented previously how This French Life has influenced me and how I have approached my own website. Of course it is not the actual website but the editor Craig McGinty who has steered me towards certain techniques in the way I advertise our business here.

Yesterday Craig published an article featuring our website Perigord Vacance and also the Blog of Susie Holland. Two diverse subjects highlighting the valuable influence a blog has on business and promotion.

OK, you might be wondering what financial reward we get from blogging here at Perigord Vacance.

The writing, apart from a bit of fun and an outlet for me personally has no financial gain what so ever. The Google advertising makes enough to pay for the Typepad platform I use to write on  ( I view Google here as a form of donation by the readers at no cost to them and I get a small fee when an advert is clicked). The real gain comes from the letting and to highlight the point I am making, since I answered Craig's questions for the piece he has run  is we have gone from seven weeks bookings to eight and a half.

I put this success solely down to having the ability to write about and picture our story here. We use no other form of advertising at the moment and I am not sure if we will. Chez Nous and French Connections are very popular but there are many many Gite owners trying to attract your attention.

Some owners run a website but without linking it into another form of fresh medium the traffic through is limited. Websites are very good though in pointing  potential clients to what you have on offer once they have located you in Chez Nous or French Connections. Even if you don't have time for a blog it is a good idea to have a small site.

Sunrise But these sites are static and get dated. I was looking at one recently and in the details of their French Connections advert they state that the pool will be ready for the 2004 summer!!!! (exasperated let out of air here!!). Does this lend itself to convincing your potential customer that you have that eye for detail and care for your property as well?

Look at the contrast, with the picture I have inserted showing the sunrise this very morning.

The video also is of the pool yesterday evening. It doesn't come much fresher and one day they might even allow smells to be posted on your site (now I think I need a coffee)