Happy Birthday

Filling a hole

Barn_levelling_001 The task of filling in the hole in the barn where the children's bedrooms are going left us with a bit of a quandary.

On casual inspection the hole didn't look that big so it goes through your mind that a delivery of rubble or reject stone will soon do the trick. Of course any of these costs money so alternatives are considered for economic reasons.

Further inspection and setting out the levels using the laser revealed a chasm much larger in volume than the scant inspection threw up and it was now apparent that the little hole was actually a canyon.

Barn_levelling_005 So, armed with the Mini Pel and Telescopic I dug into the bedrock around the back of our property. The material excavated is like a chalky/limestone that when rolled or or compacted with a vibrating plate consolidates extremely well.

Of course the major advantage to us is the unlimited supply of it and the cost savings yesterday alone were probably in the region of 300 euros. Buying from a company like Chausson (was Monflanquin Materials) or Le Clerc Brico always encounters a delivery charge of at least 40 euros which is exactly what I invested in diesel.

The Merlo Telescopic fits through the barn door with about 10 centimetres each side and with the 7 metre reach I can deposit the rocky spoil almost into the hole. Yesterday I managed about  6 x 2 tonne loads and I would estimate the need for a similar amount today.

I am off to Les Mirandes Golf  Club first thing to cut the greens so time will be limited this afternoon before the evening gloom sets in.

The evenings are really drawing in now and typically, because I boasted about the Indian Summer on Tuesday, the heavens opened yesterday to make conditions a little sticky!

Showers today before a return to warmer weather at the weekend.