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Dining at Les Routiers

ILes_routierf you have travelled through France often you would have seen signs for Les Routiers attached to may stone buildings and maybe with many lorries parked in massive car parks out side?

I am sure, like us that these maybe are overlooked when you are on holiday and Buffalo Grill or McDonald's are high on the list because the kids are having their say.

Today, Donna and I celebrated 18 years of wedded bliss (did I say that ;-0) and we celebrated this in the little Routier restaurant on the N 21 between Castillones and Bergerac.

Effectively these places are transport Cafe's and the facilities very basic but the food can be as good as any restaurant that you would expect to pay 25 euros or more for a head for in the evening.

The menu varies as you would imagine but I have to say this is quality food.

To start I had half a fresh crab with pate, mixed salad from the Hors D'oeuvre Chariot and this would normally suffice as a meal in itself. Accompanying this is unlimited fresh bread and a bottle of wine. Normally Rosé or Rouge (for some reason blanc is not often available unless you specifically ask for it).

The main course was Paupiettes de Viau (veal) with hash browns and pasta. Again with unlimited bread.We waived the Fromage but it is included.

Sweet was Tarte au Pomme with Coffee.

All this for the grand sum of.....................................10.00 euros (£7.00)

I absolutely guarantee you will be stuffed when you leave.