Happy Birthday
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The horse with 'No Name'

Needles to say, Donna spent most of today at Helen's stables with Fleur swooning over No Name.

OK she did get to ride him and take him through his paces in the school.

Donna also picked up these photos of No Name at work.


Wacker_plate_001 Wacker_plate_003 In the meantime I grafted (groan)

I estimate to have in filled somewhere in the region of  60 tonnes of rock into the void where the kids bedrooms are to be. Thank heavens for having, firstly, the raw material freely available and the mini digger and the telescopic to excavate it and transport it in.

I consolidated the rock spoil in several layers using the the vibrating Wacker plate.

This coming week I hope to finish the evacutions pipework before levelling 75mm of 20mm gravel over the surface, before laying a double skin DPC membrane and concreting the floors.