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Spooky God face in the smoke of the Twin Towers

God face in smoke and twin towers new york 11 september 2001
Watch this video of the second of the Twin Towers falling and see a god-like face appear in the smoke and dust.

I was watching a Google video - What we saw Bob and Bri - of the events unfolding.

God's face in the smoke after the twin tower has fallen

The first Tower had already fallen and just as it seemed it could not get any worse the second tower collapses.

As the huge building crumbles and the dust and smoke engulfs the area I saw a face briefly appear.

If I was asked to imagine (I'm not a religious person) how God or Jesus would look like then I guess this would be it. There's a forlorn, almost sad expression in the eyes.

To prove this isn't trickery on my part, watch the video yourself:, the image starts to appear on 20minutes and 16 seconds. You will be able to see it develop for yourself, if you watch carefully.

Foot note: The original Google video was removed but the same video was uploaded to Youtube. What we saw Bob and Bri World Trade Center 911

flames!I wish it would all go up in smoke!

Wood_burner_002 Ok, I do not mean the house or our project but I am feeling somewhat dispondant, dejected  and mopey!

I have spent the last 3 days trying to sort out the wood burning part of the Godin cooker.

This has meant pushing a metal tube through the kitchen wall and using a right angled bend sending a flexible flue pipe through a terracotta chimney which I built in the last 2 days.

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Oradour-sur-Glane 10th June 1944

Many travellers to France come for the sun, food and wine, but there another attraction is also the vast history.

France has also been caught in the middle of two world wars which has left her with many scars and some unimaginable stories of horror and hardship.

One such story is that of the massacre of 642 Men, Women and children in the small and typical French village of Oradour-sur-Glane.

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Trouble at Bergerac Airport

Bergerac_airport_001 There has been unrest recently at Bergerac airport and yesterday saw it culminate in a blockade.

The problems have arisen by the recent expansion and planned commercialisation which has led to the franchisees of the small bar and restaurant being kicked out.

The catering facilities are now closed and empty as the developers near demolition. The franchisees though are not giving in and have protested against what they perceive as a political conspiracy.

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Perigord Vacance on French Entree

French_entree I am also very pleased that I have had an article published on French Entree. Something I have covered here before concerning the use of a scout to investigate property purchases in France.

Be prepared to pay and employing a scout can potentially save hundreds if not a couple of thousand pounds if you employ a trusted associate or friend to look for and evaluate properties for you.

Read the article here,

Lefarge the perfect Mix a Mate

Test_photos_005 I procrastinated for ages over whether to mix the concrete for the barn floor myself or pay that little bit extra and have a ready mix concrete delivery.Well, in hindsight the decision should have been a no-brainer!

Lefarge called me at 7.45 to say the lorry had left the Villeneuve depot and that the lorry would be with me by 8.45.

I had set everything up yesterday evening and with the help of a couple of neighbours we were ready to greet the driver.

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An alternative to airflex insulation

After the recent delay we are back on track again. The plastic membrane is in place as too is the metal re-enforcing so that we can pour the concrete on Friday.

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