Freezing Fog over Bergerac Airport
We wish you a Merry Christmas

A Pea Souper at Bergerac Airport

Bergerac_airport_fog_009 As promised I popped into Bergerac Airport on my way to the last minute shopping.

Unfortunately, at 12 noon the Fog remained as thick as ever and temperatures were -2.

I popped into the check in and it was empty with all terminals turned off. Of course it might have meant that no planes were due rather than cancelled.

I understand that Bergerac does not have advanced equipment to handle aircraft approaches in dense fog so in the circumstances regular checks if you are planning to travel to Bergerac or collect from Bergerac are well advised.Bergerac_airport_fog_002

Bergerac_airport_fog_005 On the brighter side the new parking is open now so no more muddy feet. But also gone is the free long stay. A  month will cost 30.00 euros.

If anyone own a field very close to the airport has an oportunity to make some cash for long stay parking I feel.

Below are a few pictures to complete the story.