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A Pea Souper at Bergerac Airport

Freezing Fog over Bergerac Airport

Fog_001 Saturday 23rd December 2006

If you have a scheduled flight into Bergerac Airport today the 23rd or Christmas Eve then you would be wise to telephone your airline operator to confirm that they are able to land.

You can visit the Flybe website here or the Ryanair site here

Last year, because of the Fog,  (Boxing Day) I was meeting a flight from Southampton that was diverted to Bordeaux. Flybe did provide a free bus for the passengers back to Bergerac but it added nearly 4 hours to their journey and our waiting time.

Bear in mind,r with all of the recent problems and refurbishment at Bergerac, there are no catering facilities so I would make provisions for some sustenance, i.e. sandwiches and a hot drink just in case.

The fog seems to move around quite quickly and in pockets so things change by the hour.

I will be going into Bergerac this morning for last minutes shopping and I will update later with a photo of conditions at the airport if I can.