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Charlie Drake encore

Charlie22_1  After our initial loss of the original Charlie Drake we wanted to get another to keep the ladies company.

Our friend Colin, who we had got the original six from, kindly obliged and we collected him on Friday.

After a night spent in the cells to calm him down we let him loose on the pond yesterday morning and boy were the girls pleased to see him.

He soon got to introducing himself personally but after five minutes or so I felt sorry for him and the phrase 'hen pecked' never quite meant so much as on this ocassion.

The weather is due to get cold this week, although not as cold as the previous blast, so I intend to be vigilant to make sure Charlie is producing enough oil. If there any signs of 'wet feather' I will remove him and keep him in the warm of the barn until the temperature rises.

The girls seem to have taken to it like, well, 'ducks to water and we are looking forward to the spring and the patter of tiny [webbed] feet.