Fuelling the Fire
It is snowing

Corner of France where it will be forever England

There is an interesting story in the Telegraph this morning about how the British are settling in France, not necessarily for the food, wine and peace but because France offers a way of life not seen in England since the 1950's.

You will often hear your parents (I am 42) or your Grandparents talk about how they left their door unlocked at night but here in France many will do so and not only that they will leave the keys in the ignition of the car park out side their house or even in a car park if they are shopping.

For the British, of which 2,750 are expected to move to France this year there is now the added bonus of being able to buy English Cheddar, Real Ale or even play Cricket.

Houses, larger and grander than first time couples could expect to buy in the UK are still selling for under £100,00 where as the average first time house in Britain is priced at over £200,000.

Generally people are much more polite and the security for children playing in open spaces is so refreshing.

It was reported recently that France, as ever with their high moral values,  proposed marriage to Britain in the 1950's but it was rejected.

We just decided to live together instead!