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Currency Exchange

I have to say we have been very fortunate since we arrived in France regarding exchanging our Sterling into Euros. I have a friend who works at a bank and he was able to change money at top rates under a friends and family arrangement.

Unfortunately, this arrangement has had to end due to anti laundering measures which has meant I have had to search for an alternative.

I had noticed a a link on a website to Currency UK and after reading through their details and terms I decided that I would set up an account.

I contacted them through their website and received an email back within minutes confirming that the details would be sent out this morning.

I expected a very long winded process of verification - last time I had to provide details for Lloyd's Bank I had to get a sign statement from a Notaire in Monpazier verifying my identity - but no Currency UK let me return all the detail via a word document that they provided together with scans of two utility documents and my passport and today the account is live.

I have been very pleased thus far with the service and the promptness at which I have been treated and I will let you know once I have done a transaction how it all went.

.Exchanging money is always going to be a stressful thing until you try it so why not give currency UK a go?