Its in for the night
The chilling calm

Geoportail Aerial View

Aerial_viewFrance has a rival to Google maps called Geoportail which is available for all the French territories.

Personally, I have not been able to access it since it was re-launched in the autumn of last year but I finally managed to get some maps up today.

This picture shows our farm (pre purchase) and I have put a white line to show the boundaries.

Unfortunately if you zoom in too far the detail is lost but for a free service you cannot grumble.

Snow_007It looks a little greener than it is this morning as we have an inch of snow covering the soil.

Snow_009 The snow seemed to partially thaw at about 11pm last night but it froze on top. The roads this morning were rather tricky as I drove Henry to Monflanquin College. I took a photo just before sunrise from the car in the direction of our house.

But as I approached the small church at Piis the sun rose and peeked through the clouds to reveal this magnificent sight.

As with all the photo's on Pergigord Vacance they will open in a larger window if you click on them.

Craig McGinty has posted some other examples of snow in Aquitaine on This French Life.