Starting over
A return ticket to Southampton please

Coiled Spring

Spring_002_1 We are hovering on the edge of springtime and it is a very pleasing feeling.

Yesterday, on out visit to the Doctors, Fleur and I saw this Prune in full flower although the rest of the orchard looked pretty dormant.
I am not sure if this means that they are there for some kind of pollination stimulation or not. (anyone knows the answer let me know)

The ducks are mating like crazy and the eggs are getting more frequent too. When the weather warm even more we will let the hens sit so that we can have some chicks.

Spring_004This Daffodil I spotted in a fallow field growing in a wild state with the Elder in the hedgerow sprouting its shoots at the tips.

We are going to have a go at using the elder buries this year as we have a very mature bush behind the workshop.

I even managed the first grass cut of the year today and it really brought back memories of my career as a gardener to smell the fresh cut grass.

The Partridges were chattering away in the fields but I am yet to see a hare this year. Spring_007