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Now the thaw

Just the Coffee then.

Cup2 I bet the 40's, 50's and 60's generations, when reminiscing about France, conjure up a vision of smoke filled bars, coffee, pastis and a little Jazz in the background?

Today, starts the process in France of abolishing smoking in public places with a total ban, including cafe's and restaurants, coming into force at the end of the year.

Being one of the most Liberal of countries it seems a little far fetched that the French, by banning smoking, are waiving one of their 'rights' to life if thats not an oxymoron?

For the non smokers it will be a pleasant relief to return from a night out without a sore throat and an urgent need to wash all of your clothes but I do feel a little sad that nostalgia will get another notch in the bedpost.

France now need to concentrate on making sure that drinking of alcohol and playing of the Saxophone in public places is not abolished otherwise there could be another revolution!