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February 2007

Well well well!

Well_001 OK, hands up who thought we were on holiday?

Although I have not been able to blog the experience I assure you that I have been busy, honest!

I did actually write out a long post yesterday morning, explaining what had gone on amongst the heavy rain with pictures as normal but good old internet explorer 7 decided, as it seems to a lot, to crash before I had saved the text and I felt somewhat dis-interested for a while to motivate myself into re-writing it.

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Agloco update

I guess everyone wants to know much money I stand to make from the Agloco phenomena?

Well, urhm! at the moment zilch, nothing, diddly squat!

Why? One of the main reasons is I have not promoted it except from the previous post. I have not sent any emails to friends because of fear I suppose. Fear that this really is a scam but hey! the website says there is nothing to lose and that is the real underlying factor of the whole marketing campaign.

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Mopping up

Pond_001 My word did it rain!

This has definitely been the wettest period since we have been in France and it has not stopped raining for the last 36 hours. The first time I have seen the pond break its banks, in fact the first time I have even seen the pond reach the top of its banks as in this photo.

Today has started clear and bright although a little chilly and I hope to be able to get some work done on the roof which is Oh so slippery at the moment.

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Going through the roof

Tiles_004 It has been a few days since my last post. Unusual I know but I have been swamped with a number of projects but also because the weather has been a real pain.

I have wanted to complete the fixing of the tile along the wall plate but the showers have put pay to progress.

Today though I said poo! (language Timothy) I will succeed and I finished the pointing of the tiles in the dark.


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Gale Force Winds

This morning we were woken by an enormous clap of thunder which heralded half an hour of bangs, flashes and gale force winds which continue even now some 2 hours later.

It has brought with it the rain which I could do without but the farmers will be pleased.

Danielle (no not Mr Bertrand, the other one) our farmer neighbour has for the first time got a full lake. In the three winters we have been here we have not seen it full until now.

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It is a busman's holiday

Bithday_003 I rose this morning, bleary eyed not wanting to do anything!

Yesterday, we hosted 5 of Henry's friends for his birthday bash. It was due to happen last weekend but the Siberian temperatures meant Henner's ageing father [me} called a rain check.

Unfortunately for me, the weather was scheduled to be fine and dry so I could not renege on my promise and duty duly called.

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Now the thaw

I am so pleased that the weather has changed. We still had snow on the roof until this morning but the temperature has steadily risen through the day and it actually became quite pleasant.

I managed the same amount of work today that I had completed in the first three days of the week because of the cold and frost. It was mainly woodwork on the dormer and even if I had wanted to I could not have mixed mortar because the sand piles were frozen solid.

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Just the Coffee then.

Cup2 I bet the 40's, 50's and 60's generations, when reminiscing about France, conjure up a vision of smoke filled bars, coffee, pastis and a little Jazz in the background?

Today, starts the process in France of abolishing smoking in public places with a total ban, including cafe's and restaurants, coming into force at the end of the year.

Being one of the most Liberal of countries it seems a little far fetched that the French, by banning smoking, are waiving one of their 'rights' to life if thats not an oxymoron?

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