Well well well!
Starting over

Sure as eggs is eggs

Eggs_002 Jemima and the Puddleducks are obviously well settled in now and to prove their point one of the little darlings (best said in a Dame Edna Everage voice) laid us an egg.

We are hoping that this spring we will hear the patter of tiny webbed feet but on this occasion it was not to be as the egg had gone cold.

I guess it will end up in a cake mix or on a piece of toast so all is not lostEggs_003.

Just hope the trend continues.

The little blighter's are also getting cocky. If I am late with the morning or evening feed they form a procession up to the house until one of them panics and they hot foot it back to the pond.

Its quite funny really.

Eggs_004 In the meantime I continued with the well restoration while the girls were at the stables and apart from the surround it was all completed today.

The weather was supposed to be wet so it was rather pleasing to remain dry although a little overcast at times but springlike most of the day with a nice warm southerly breeze.

The old iron work I modified and re-instated it as it would have been and indeed as it was when we arrived although hidden under a pile of junk and surrounded by trees.