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Real Life Get Together

Reading This French Life this morning Craig highlighted a post from Bob Tovey on Computing in France about actually getting together for a chat about the Internet,blogging and France etc.

Now I am getting itchy hands and I have come out in a cold sweat. I am asking myself if there will be lights on in the bar and if I am able to bring my keyboard because I have lost the use of my vocal chords due to endless days spent at the computer.

I chuckle, there is so much 'friendship in the Bloggosphere' that sometimes we forget perhaps there is a human on the other side.

It is a great idea to discuss marketing and strategy for letting gites as well as adding resources to your advertising campaigns.

There are a lot of Francophiles based in the UK so a web based chat on Skype would be a good idea too. I run the same thing on my Landscape Juice site (although I have found that potential chatters have added me directly to their Skype contacts as well)

Watch this space for developments if you are interested.