Sure as eggs is eggs
Coiled Spring

Starting over

The stress and the excitement is nowhere near the same as the 20th July 2006 but never the less the deadline for the first guests of the season looms large and we are preparing for Friday when it will all start again.

We are looking forward to it again but the little jobs need to be done before 7pm on Friday evening so I have been running around like Tommy Walsh with my battery drill and step ladders.

I am relieved the well is done and it was great of our guests last year who kindly overlooked the eyesore of the corregated tin cover and the crumbling wall underneath.

There is so much still to do in the 'evolution' of Jean Blanc and as the days tick by so many more details are being added.

I had to take some time off this morning though to visit the doctor. I won't bore you with the detail but safe to say I will live to fight another day or so but I have to share this funny story with you.

Fleur accompanied me because she has, like I had as a child, eczema and it has flared up recently. It has made it difficult for Fleur to sleep at night and she is extremely uncomfortable generally.

We sat in the doctors surgery room in Cancon and the Doctor started by examining Fleur.

He explained to Fleur that these skin conditions were exacerbated by stress and he asked here if there was anything at school that was bothering her.

Fleur replied by saying that she gets worried if she forgets something and the teacher might tell her off.

The Doctor said he didn't mean it like that and went onto ask if there is anything at school that she didn't like that might be causing her anxiety?

Fleurs response?.......................................Yes, the soup!

The doctor laughed in French and I laughed in English!