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Various_822222225 I am getting so frustrated with the weather. It has severely hindered the progress on the barn roof.
I probably have 8 hours work to finish it and get it completely sealed from the elements before I can plasterboard the ceilings but the rain seems relentless at the moment.

I suppose it has given me the opportunity to re-build the well, cut some trees down for future logs and level some stone in the potholes on the track but it is frustrating to ay the least.

Various_822222224 Today I decided to prepare the wood for the window in Henry's bedroom.

I bought some Iroko, an African hardwood, from Thierry who made some windows for the Pigeonnaire, which is in its basic sawn tree trunk form.

Preparation is fairly straightforward using the Kity multifunction machine but fairly time consuming none the less.

Henner's helped my cut the wood off using the chainsaw and then Various_822222234 re-saw using the bandsaw. We then planed two sides and squared it off before thicknessing to the required size.

In the morning we are going to cut to length and finalise with the spindle moulder.

I have to say that the French window design is flawed in my opinion. I say this because they open inwards which means the water can seep though the frame (I will explain this by adding a further photo tomorrow) where as if the window opened out there would be a natural stop for the water.

After all you do not want to close the shutters every time there is a shower to stop the edges of the window weeping.