What the guests said
The rain in Spain

It all hinged.....

Bergerac_027 on the hinges really!

I actually got out of the place for the first time (not including football training and a walk into Monflanquin last Sunday) for a day. It has been so grey and cold that it has been easy to lock myself in the workshop or have a late start and I am sure, just like everyone else, I really need some continuous sunshine now.

I needed some supplies to finish the windows including hinges, a biscuit jointer and some glue so we headed into Bergerac to Econorm the woodworking shop in the town centre.

[For those who are interested, the woodworking shop is moving out of Bergerac to Creysse which is on the route to Lalinde. I am not sure of the exact location at the moment but I will pop it on a google map when I know].

Bergerac_025 Fleur returned to school today but Henners tagged a long so we made a long morning of it, taking in lunch at the restaurant in Leclerc (not as impressed as the Leclerc in Villeneuve or les Routier.

Managed a good afternoon cutting some more wood and preparing it for the other windows tomorrow I will glue the internal frames for the opening part.

While I worked in the workshop I heard a commotion which I thought was our ducks and popping out I soon realised the noise was coming from the sky.
Bergerac_018 Sure enough, looking up I was quite stunned to see hundreds and hundreds, if not into the thousands of Crane's flying either in a 'V' formation or in what I would describe as a Vulture type circular patter.

The birds were very high but it was easy to see how large the Crane's were. The fly by lasted for about twenty five minutes.

I knew instantly that they were Crane's because I had been tipped off by Craig on This French Life who warned residents of South West France to keep an eye out as the birds as they flew from Spain to the North East of Europe.